Hardcore legend Nosferatu comes with his own hardcore label ‘Border Town’, with a new album as icing on the cake. This fifth album will reveal the story behind the new label and will be ‘his statement within the hardcore scene’.

After many years of producing and releasing his music, Nosferatu decided to take matters into his own hands and forge his own path with his label ‘Border Town’. Figuratively, Border Town is a post-apocalyptic dark settlement on the brink of madness; whether it’s sophisticated mainstream Hardcore, devastating high-speed Hardcore or the craziest ‘Clowncore’ – anything is possible. The label’s trailer shows this.

“Border Town is there for the most diverse Hardcore sounds”

Nosferatu started his new album last year due to a bomb of inspiration: Demonic Playgrounds. The boundless inspiration borders on the mindset of the brand new hardcore label. With Border Town, Nosferatu creates a place where anything is possible in any way – in order to get the most out of new releases.